Apr 082015

I’ve mentioned before how important staying motivated is. One way to kill your motivation is to continually expose yourself to temptation in the form of eating the foods that increase your belly fat. If you don’t minimize your temptation, you’re going to have a tough time saying No to the foods you shouldn’t be eating [Click To Read More]

Apr 062015

Are you exercising on a consistent basis? I want you to be honest with yourself when you answer that question. Well if you are, awesome job and keep it up but if you’re not i’ve got some news to share with you. If you aren’t exercising consistently, you’re going to have a very difficult time [Click To Read More]

Mar 042014

So today, I'm going to introduce another power-food to help with losing belly fat. That food is called almond milk. Unlike traditional skim milk that comes from cows, almond milk comes from almonds and water mixed together. Almond milk comparatively, has less calories than even fat-free milk.   So if you start incorporating this into your [Click To Read More]

Mar 022014

Today, I'm going to share with you the 3 tips that'll help you lose belly fat even when you're on vacation. As you may know it's very difficult to stick to a belly-fat burning eating plan while you're on vacation away from your home. As a result you may become discouraged because you're eating the [Click To Read More]

Feb 012014
5 Answers On Losing Belly Fat

Today's post will be short, but also very informative. I recorded a Tele-class where I answered 5 questions about losing belly fat. Those questions were: What causes belly fat? How to motivate yourself to lose belly fat? How long does it take to lose belly fat? What's the best exercise to lose belly fat? What's [Click To Read More]

Jul 262012
Ask Me Anything About Losing Belly Fat

Today I'm going to take a different angle. Instead of me telling you something about losing belly fat, I'd love to answer some questions you have about losing belly fat. All questions are fair game so don't think your question is too sill or anything like that. I really want to hear from you. All [Click To Read More]