May 032012

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away". Well turns out it may keep more than just the doctor away; it'll help you lose stomach fat. Apples have antioxidant principles as well as they're high in fiber. Fiber helps keep you feeling full. So the higher the fiber content in your food the less hungry you'll be. So if you're eating at least one apple a day you'll eat less calories and you'll have a better chance at losing belly fat. If you don't eat apples you'll be hungrier and eat more calories and probably gain more stomach fat.

The Benefits Of Eating Apples

Research has shown that apples have the ability to reduce the amount of visceral fat (fat on your belly and around your organs) in people who are overweight. Apples also fight against colon cancer, reduce inflammation, boost your immune system, reduce spikes in blood sugar, reduce cholesterol, and can help protect against cardiovascular diseases. So you get a stronger body and it shrinks your gut, sounds like a power food to me.

So which apple should you choose when you’re out shopping? Any! So don't worry about which one is better than another, just try out the different apples you see at the supermarket and stick with your favorite. If you like to get your apples pre-sliced that works as well but make sure you're eating the skin from the apples. The skin contains the majority of all the nutrients so don't skip out on it.

To me the easiest place to have your apple is with your snacks. So now you know why apples can help you lose stomach fat and why you need to be eating one every day. If you don't have any apples in your fridge go out and buy some right now! 

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