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Protein is one of the heavy hitters of losing your belly. Why? Well it’s because protein is required for muscle growth. Your muscles need protein and the amino acids they contain to grow. When you digest your food, it’s broken down into a form of energy and that energy is used throughout your body. A portion of it goes to your brain, others go to different organs and yes part of that energy goes to your muscles.

So the bigger your muscles become the more energy they require. Well if you keep your food intake the same and your muscles are increasing in size, and your body only allocates a certain amount to them. They’re going to steal that energy from other areas. And luckily for us they take it from an area that you won’t miss. Fat!

The Benefits Of Eating Protein

There have been studies coming out showing how strength training and not cardio is more effective at burning fat. This is precisely why. So there’s a huge incentive to increase your muscle mass. The more muscles you build the more fat you burn. Now without protein those muscles can’t grow. It’s like water for plants. Without water the plants will not grow. Now I’m sure you probably consume protein on a regular basis but I’m willing to bet it’s not enough.

Protein also has the ability to keep you feeling fuller longer since it takes longer to digest than other foods. Your body also burns more calories when eating protein compared to other meats. Digesting food requires energy so just the simple fact of eating burns calories. However not all foods are created equal so they don’t require the same energy to digest. Protein burns roughly 25 calories for every 100 consumed compared with fats and carbohydrates which burn 10 to 15 for every 100 calories consumed.

Best Sources of Protein

So what are some great sources for protein? Eggs, Cheese, Chicken Breast, London Broil Steak, Salmon, Turkey, Lean Ground Beef, Greek Yogurt, Whey, Milk, Nuts, and those are just a few to start. You want to consume 1 gram of protein for every pound you weigh. So if you weigh 185lbs then you want to aim for 185 grams of protein every day.

So now what I’d like you to do is make a list of all the foods you can start eating that are high in protein. Then I want you to make sure that you have protein with every meal. If you want to lose your stomach fat you’re going to need protein.

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  1. As someone trying to lose the weight, eating more protein is the way to go. Exercising also helps but with more protein in the diet the weight comes off faster.

  2. this iz good advice. kuz i tend to view eating as a chore. everything from the planning, preparation, and payment. this is why i always look to convenient ways to get my fill. which means almost any food will do.

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