May 302012

When it comes to losing belly fat there aren't too many other drinks I'd recommend besides water or green tea. Well today I'm going to tell you how milk can help you lose belly fat. Not just any kind of milk, I mean specifically skim milk which is simply fat free milk. Almost every morning with breakfast I have a glass of milk, that's how important it is.

If you're drinking milk on a regularly then you'll have an easier time losing belly fat. If you're not drinking milk then you're missing out on an easy way to burn belly fat.

Why Milk Burns Belly Fat

You've probably heard before how milk is great for your bones. Well that's true because of its calcium content. New studies are showing how calcium can actually reduce the amount of fat on your body. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, meals high in calcium and Vitamin D have been linked to greater weight loss.

Well guess what milk is high in? Both of these nutrients! It's not fully understood why this happens but since it does work, that's all that matters. Another study also showed that consuming 1,000 to 1,400mg of calcium every day increases your metabolism and a glass of milk has about 300mgs of calcium.

As I mentioned before you want to stay away from whole milk and start drinking skim milk. The way how I moved down the chain was switch from whole milk to 2% milk to 1% milk and finally skim milk. If you gradually move down like this you'll find it's a much easier shift but if you can switch from whole straight to milk that's even better.

You also get the benefit of saving on calories and eliminating saturated fat when you switch from whole milk to skim milk. Skim milk typically has a blue cap on the top, but not always. Just make sure it says fat free and if you're lactose intolerant go for the lactose free version of skim milk.

So you've now learned how milk helps you lose belly fat and why it's crucial you start drinking skim milk if you aren't already. What I want you to do now is add skim milk to your grocery list so that the next time you're out shopping you pick it up. The best time to have your milk is right with breakfast since it makes a good side dish.

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  1. Whilst it's true that calcium does help burn fat for energy, what's important to absorb Calcium is vitamin D, which is only present in fortified milk, not all milk. With regard to milk being useful for weight loss, despite the fact that it contains calcium, even low fat milk is not actually that useful. This is not to do with the fat content. The problem is the lactose in the milk, which the body treats like any other carbohydrate- leading to weight gain from insulin release. I would therefore not recommend milk as a weight loss drink. You're spot on with water and green tea though.

  2. hello I am jazzed about drinking fat free milk

  3. Hi I have been drinking skim milk, and try to decrease belly fat, I am confused does it work by drinking lot of skim milk will reduce belly fat? Oh I also do workout 3-4 times a weeks.

    • Skim milk helps because you’re consuming less calories than normal milk, so in that sense in can help. I’d need to know more information about the foods you eat and what kind of exercises you’re doing.

  4. I hev a big bulging tummy am tired it weighs 30kgs on its own wat can I do fo it to lose

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