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How To Lose Your Gut With Whey Protein PowderToday I'm going to talk about why you should include whey protein with some of your meals. Protein is one of the staples of building muscle and muscle is necessary to help burn more calories. The more muscle you have the more calories they need to maintain that muscle. The more calories you burn the smaller your gut will be. So it's critical to include protein in almost all your meals and whey is an easy way to do that.

The Benefits Of Whey Protein

Whey is a material created as a by-product of making cheese. The kind of whey I'm talking about comes in a powdered form that you'll find at any health store. Typical whey servings contain around 20 to 24 grams of protein. That's very close to the protein you'll find in most meats like chicken or steak. According to a study by the University of Toronto people who had a drink with whey in it consumed 200 calories less in their next meal, two hours later, than those who ate something else. When whey is digested it releases gut peptides which make you feel full sooner.

So whey will help you build more muscle because of it's protein count and it'll also prevent you from overeating. Both of these benefits are needed if you want to lose your gut. So where should you be adding whey protein to? The best place to throw it in is smoothies. You can also put it in cereals, oatmeal,  or any other food that sounds right to you.

Now there's tons of different whey proteins out there, and like with many supplements you need to do some research before you choose a brand. Personally I like optimum nutrition which you can find available on Amazon or your local health stores. So what I want you to do now is go out to a store or find it online and buy some whey protein. Start incorporating it into your meals and you'll see your gut shrink.

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