May 282012

One of the greatest exercises to work your abs is actually one of the simplest. It's called a plank and it's used for building core strength and endurance. I love the plank also because it's an isometric move which means you don't do anything but hold the position.

The Benefits Of Planks

Your ability to perform a plank is a great assessment for your overall midsection strength. So if you're doing planks then you'll build a stronger core and burn more belly fat, and if you're not using this move you're missing out on a great opportunity and your core will probably slump as a result.

Research has shown how planks are beneficial for your overall health including: stabilizing your spine, prevent lower back pain, and building core strength. Planks are also used in many rehabilitation programs since they're isometric so if you're ever hitting plateau's then exercises like this can help. Having trouble holding yourself up in a push-up position or slouching over while you work? A weak core could be the cause. Now you can see why planks are so helpful.

How To Perform A Plank

Now let's learn how to do a plank properly because it's one of those exercises that's easy to mess up.

  1. Start out in a push-up position
  2. Lower your upper body to the ground until you're resting on your forearms.
  3. You should be in a straight line from shoulders to ankles (Same as the picture you see above)
  4. Squeeze your abs and your glutes (butt)
  5. Hold the position for 30 seconds or longer & you're done.

So there's a simple exercise that you can start using to help strengthen your core and blast belly fat at the same time. It may seem like a simple move but once you do it you'll understand how challenging it can be. You won't be moving at all but you'll feel the burn. So what I want you to do for your next workout is to start using this move. Start at 30 seconds then increase it to 45 then 60 and so on as you progress. There are also many different variations on how you can do this so get creative.