Apr 042012

So when it comes to losing stomach fat there’s only one drink that should be in your arsenal. That drink is water. Sure you have heard how healthy water is but did you know that not drinking enough water will actually increase your stomach fat? Let’s see how water will help us keep the pounds off our belly.

One thing water does for us is keep us feeling full. Sometimes when we think we’re hungry we’re really just thirsty. Water also transports necessary nutrients to your muscles, it’s used to help digest food, and it keeps your metabolism revving. Lack of water means a slower metabolism which leads to packing on fat right around your stomach. Since water makes you feel more full, drinking some water before having a meal has been shown to help you consume less calories than without a glass of water.

Drinking eight glasses a day has been recommended for a very long time. Personally I like to aim for a gallon of water a day. You can find a happy medium in between 8 glasses a day or one gallon. If you’re having trouble downing water at all a nice way to give it some flavor is with a lime or lemon. Stay away from artificial sweeteners to give waters a better taste.

Lots of calories come from drinks or sodas so switching those to water is a simple way to cut your calorie intake. If you switch out your soda’s and juices for just water the results will speak for themselves. It’s that simple.